Challenge (5).png

It's challenge time, and this is our BIGGEST one yet!

To celebrate our comeback in 2021 we invested in something AMAZING, the InBody Body composition scanner.  This is going to tell us what you’re made of-literally. Are you gaining muscle? Losing fat? How much?


Challenge Details


  • 8 week challenge

  • 2 InBody Scans

  • Diet plans

  • Daily food pics

  • motivation, tips, accountability, support

  • Prizes awarded to top challengers by local small businesses!

  • ATTENDANCE prizes: free tank for 24 classes (3 per week), free VQFS tote for 32 classes (4 per week)
    *attendance once per week is mandatory to be eligible for prizes (or 3 VQV workouts per week-must comment under videos completed)

(The cost of 1 InBody scan is typically $40, so this is a STEAL for 2 scans AND the 8 week challenge!)

Join this challenge for only $69! 

**Participation of the challenge is $69, attendance to the classes requires purchase of studio passes.

Studio classes are NOT included in the purchase of the challenge.